If Only For Today…

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One of our church members, Ronnie Mossie, wrote this and sent it to me. It is a great message to share with others. God saved Ronnie from a life of drugs. Be sure to click the link at the bottom and watch his story.

If only for today you could hold my hand,

If only for today we could greet in a hug;

If only for today we didn’t see color, but embraced each other like sister and brother.

If only for today I held the door for you,

If only for today you smiled and said thank you;

If only for today there was no social media debate, typing up posts that are only filled with hate.

If only for today we didn’t try to settle a score,

If only for today we didn’t feel we were cheated;

If only for today we thought of all that we do have,

Instead of thinking of all that we don’t have.

If only for today we saw the light of God,

If only for today we weren’t tempted by Satan;

If only for today we followed the Commandments,

Then maybe we’d see peace in what God demanded.

If only for today I didn’t fear the future,

If only for today I didn’t fear man on this earth;

If only for today we all only smiled,

Instead of looking defeated by all of our trials.

If only for today our families came first,

If only for today there’d be no divorce;

If only for today when our children want our attention,

We didn’t tell them hold on or wait another minute.

If only for today this would go on and on,

Because for today this world is filled with so much wrong.

Recent events have left me distraught because of what this world is becoming.  Distraught by a world that has so much opportunity, yet many choose to be hateful and ungrateful. There’s only one Judge in heaven and earth and we will all bow down to Him – whether we choose to believe or not.  Forgive as He forgave and learn to love each other. We are not meant to be the same; we are all unique in our own ways. Before you judge another let me give you a test my pastor did for us. I shared this at my uncle’s funeral and still have people tell me it impacted them and I pray it does the same for you now. Pull out a white sheet of paper and put a small black dot on it. Then hold the paper up and look at it. What do you notice first? If your answer is the black dot then realize you need help as well. This paper represents the problem in today’s world. The white equals all the good of a person and that black dot represents the bad of a person – yet our eyes are drawn to the black dot first. Don’t be that person! Don’t judge all cops by the actions of a small group. Don’t judge a whole race by the actions of a small group. With hate we will continue a downward spiral, but with the love of God we can change this world. We deserve nothing but are privileged to have all that we do. I love all of you and I pray today is a day of peace and a day you put your trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ… beginning today!


Click here to hear Ronnie story!


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