God is PRO-Eternal Life

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Both the Old and the New Testament declare God is PRO-Life.  God is the giver of life and it is a stain on any nation that does not have laws to protect the unborn.  Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  I would like to encourage every Christian to do something!  Contact your representatives.  Below you will find a sample letter to hand deliver, email, or send to your legislators.  It’s easy to do.  In any search engine type in “Find my Legislators” and add your state name.  In the book of Acts the apostle Paul shared God’s Word with several political leaders.  You will find that he always addressed them with respect and courtesy, but he stated the truth – as should we.  Not only is God PRO-Life, He is also PRO-Eternal Life.  He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.  Go Shine your light, Matthew 5:16!


Dear __________________________,

Thank you for serving our community.  I would ask for your support to protect the lives of the unborn in Pennsylvania.  It is an irrefutable scientific fact that, at the moment of conception, every new human being represents a genetically distinct life.  The survival of an unborn child should not depend on whether or not the child is wanted by his or her mother.  To abort [kill] that human being in the process of development, at any stage, is to interfere with this child’s “right to live.”  I am sure you are familiar with the Unborn Victims Violence Act passed in 2004, which defines a fetus as a “child in uterus” and if the child is injured or killed that is a legal crime.  Furthermore, 38 states including Pennsylvania have harsher penalties if a victim is murdered while pregnant – these laws define a fetus as being a person.  It would be appropriate for our legislatures to be consistent and apply all legislation to protect the unborn.

If you look back to the famous Roe V. Wade Case, the plaintiff Norma McCorvey later became a Christian and deeply regretted her involvement in the legalization of abortion.  The statistics on depression and alcoholism in women who have aborted, and yes even suicide, is alarming.  Abortion leaves a lifelong scar of pain and regret on each mother.

Many believe that women have the right to choose and do what they want with their body.  We agree that women have rights over their own body, however, once they become an expectant mother, there is another body – another human being – inside of their womb.  What should be the safest place for a new life has become a place of terror, pain, and death for millions of American babies – and disproportionately so for the African-American community.

The termination of living growing children is a silent holocaust in our state and it needs the attention of our Pennsylvania senators and representatives.  We cannot continue to kill our own children and teach our young women that this is an acceptable way to handle unwanted pregnancies.  Adoption is a wonderful and courageous choice for mothers.  I ask you to consider sponsoring and supporting legislation like the heartbeat bill which will not allow for abortion past 6 weeks when the heartbeat is present.

I thank you again for your willingness to serve as my representative.  I will pray that God guides your decisions as you help to oversee the needs of our community and that you will realize that it is your job to protect all life, born and UNBORN.



__________________ (your name)







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