Happy Mother’s Day

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A Tribute to  Mothers

Mother’s Day is a reminder to everyone to say “Thank You” to God and to the wonderful ladies for the life we so enjoy.  Without God (and Mom) we would not even exist.  If your mom is no longer with you, take a moment to thank God for her and say a word before your family and friends to honor her this weekend (If you have children or teens at home, please read this post to them). If your mom is still with you, then take a moment to share a tribute to her – you can do this in a card or with a gift or a phone call (if you do it in a “text” please make it significant – something more than a “smiley” emoji). Share your loving gratitude with her today…  no one has the promise of tomorrow.  

A Tribute to Mom and Grandma 

My mom trusted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior along with her friend at the age of 10 at a summer Bible camp.  In the greatest trials of her life (losing her first husband to cancer and her second husband totally dominated by alcohol), she turned to the Lord in prayer and in the Bible (sadly her denominational church did not teach God’s Truth).  God answered her prayers and miraculously saved her husband and brought her to a true church where Christ was exalted.  For the last 46 years, my brother Steve and I have been blessed with a mom who is a prayer warrior, spiritual influencer, cheerleader, and a soul winner.  Only heaven will reveal the many blessings on our church family because of Suzie Groninger Beaver Wendal Jones.  “I love you, Mom!”

My grandma was born in 1900. As a little boy, my grandma made me feel safe.  Because of the large crowd at the farmhouse, I shared a bed with grandma. I remember her cleaning out my pocket that I had stuffed full of glowing lightning bugs. As a teenager I spent 5 summers working on the farm and I had breakfast everyday with her – just me and Grandma.  She spoiled me with homemade applesauce, cookies, and pie.  She cooked all the fish I caught (even an eel).  My grandma never lost her temper or raised her voice. She loved God, served her family, and brought us all great joy.  I was honored to share the Gospel at her funeral (before I became a pastor).  At 61,… I still miss her greatly.  

A Tribute to my Wife

Celebrating 25 years of marriage this last week has given me time to reflect on what a gift from God Jodie has been to me, our family, and our church. God wonderfully answered the prayers of many the day we met.  I know I am closer to God and love others more because of the godly influence of my wife.  She not only rescued me from a deep loneliness but she brought spiritual sunshine to our church family and visiting guests.  She deflects all praise to God and she is extremely thankful for the godly influence of her parents on her life.  She is truly a Proverbs 31 woman.  “Sweetheart, I’ll love you forever!”

All of our pastors’ wives carry burdens, confidences, and face spiritual attacks that few in our church will ever experience.  May you join me in honoring and praying for the moms of our spiritual leaders (pastors, deacons, and staff wives) as we worship and serve our Wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

The best thing you can do for your mom is love and obey God with all of your heart.

Moms, Happy Mother’s Day and THANK YOU!


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