The Apostle Paul Voted & So Should We!

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After 2 years in prison in Caesarea, Paul realizes that these Jews want his blood, and they won’t stop after he is released.  What does he do?  He exercises his rights as a Roman citizen.  He says, “I appeal unto Caesar,” Acts 25:11. As a Roman citizen, he uses his citizenship to further the Gospel.

As Christians we are first and foremost citizens of heaven, Philippians 3:20.  But like Paul, we are also citizens of our nation and have a right  and responsibility to vote.


After 2 years in prison, what are Paul’s priorities?

1)  Share the Gospel in Rome, Acts19:21.

What better way to get there then by the protection and expense of the Roman government?

2)  Stay alive a little longer to edify the new Christians.

“For I am in a strait betwixt two, having a desire to depart, and to be with Christ; which is far better:  Nevertheless to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.”  Phil. 1:23-24

Paul voted Priorities over Personality.  “I vote to go to Caesar.”  Do you know who the caesar was in

60 AD?  A wicked man named Nero.  This is 4 years before the horrific persecution of Christians in 64 AD. Did Paul like the personality of Nero over the Jewish leaders that wanted to kill him?  NO!  But his vote to appear before Caesar helped accomplish his goals of preaching in Rome and staying alive.

This coming election in America AND every election we often vote the “lesser of two evils.”  We often vote for personalities we may not like because we vote our Christian priorities.


Our country basically has a 3 party systems.   We need to be more committed to Christian principles than a party.  Here is an easy to remember 3 point Biblical evaluation of candidates.

What is the Spirit-filled Christian’s Voters Guide?

Pro-Life; Pro-Family; Pro-Israel – this is what I’m for!

We vote Pro-Life because God judges nations that “shed the blood of innocents,” Jeremiah 19:3-4.  We vote Pro-Israel because God blesses the nations that bless Israel, Genesis 12:1-3.  We vote Pro-Family because God created the family as one man and one woman, Genesis 2:24.

Why would I want a candidate who will persecute and threaten our children and grandchildren for calling a coworker “he” or “she” according to their God-given biological gender? Public school teachers are being fired for not using a preferred pronoun or even avoiding pronouns.

It is a scientific and Biblical Fact – individuals with two X chromosomes (XX) are female; and those with one X and one Y chromosome are male. Your gender is based on science not “how you feel.”

Biblical scholars agree that people maintain their male and female gender throughout eternity.  There will not be marriage in heaven, but we will retain our gender, Mt. 22:30.  Jesus retained His gender after His resurrection and was recognized as a man, John 20:26-27.  Moses and Elijah were identified as men in Matt. 17:1-13.

When you vote, you are being a good citizen. 

When you vote godly convictions and priorities, you are being a good Christian.


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